Edgbarrow source our kit from a number of different sources.

Club Training Leotard

The Edgbarrow Training Leotard can be seen here. (Please note sizes vary from above).

1) Any female club member (novice, regional, national) may buy the new training leotard.
2) Regional competitors may wear the leotard for training and competition.
3) The training leotard is optional for all Novice and Regional competitors when training.
4) National competitors must have purchased the training leotard.

When ordering from the website and use your Discount Code – Edg12.

National Competition Leotard (League 3+, NDP+)

Above competitors must purchase the club competition leotard. Please see Sue Lawton for leotard information. Elite club members must see Sue Lawton for leotard information.

Competition Tracksuit

As a club it is compulsory to attend all national competitions wearing the Edgbarrow Trampoline Club tracksuit. For Regional and club competitors the tracksuit is optional. It gives us identity and looks smart in the competition environment. The tracksuit consists of a hooded zip top with the Edgbarrow Trampoline Club Logo on the front and ‘Edgbarrow’ across the back.

There are also other items of clothing available which you may want to purchase, but are not compulsory as part of the kit. These consist of Polo T-Shirts and T-Shirts in varying colours all containing the club logo. A list is available in reception and please order direct from Donna Clements at


Whites can be ordered from Carita House. More information can be found at

Helen Mitchell also makes whites to measure. She can be contacted by telephoning 01937 584028, stating that you are part of Edgbarrow Trampoline Club. It is important you have your measurements ready and that you require toe loops. Please allow at least one month from date of order to delivery.

Trampoline Shoes

To buy trampoline shoes, please ask your coach to retrieve the bag of shoes from the cupboard and ask them to help you to select the correct size. There are sizes child 6 up to adult 12 in the bag. The money – £7.50 in either cash or a cheque made payable to `”Sue Williams” – should go in the box with the shoes. Please ask your coach to record the size you have bought. Please email Sue Williams if there are any problems