Training Information

This page contains information and updates regarding training sessions at Edgbarrow Trampoline Club.

Twisting Challenge

Twisting Challenge

Training Schedules

ETC Train throughout the year and in order to train during the holidays you must sign the list. A sign-up list will appear on the website approximately 3 weeks prior to the holiday period, if you don’t sign by the deadline you will not be permitted to train. By having a sign-up system we can allocate the correct number of coaches to each session which enables the coaches to have a well earned rest.

Session Structure

Every session is designed to maximise the time provided and therefore encourage high quality learning. It is important that every member arrives on time for their trampoline session in order to carry out the floor warm up. This essential warm up alternates weekly between specifically designed dynamic movements aimed at preparing the body for trampolining, and the Abs and Backs programme designed at activating and strengthening the performers core.

Abs & Backs

Once the warm up has been completed, the trampoline based session will begin. In order to maximise the number of goes it is asked if mobile phones can be switched off and not used whilst training unless in exceptional circumstances.

Finally, on completion of the trampoline based session, conditioning sessions are run for 30 minutes to improve fitness, flexibility, posture, core stability and strength. Every club member is entitled to participate in 2 conditioning sessions per week additional sessions are available – please contact Heather for booking and payment. Click here to download your application form for the conditioning sessions here.

Conditioning Sessions

Training Diaries

Training diaries are an essential part of development, allowing the participant to record every move they do for later reference. Keeping a training diary is compulsory for members at Edgbarrow. For information on how to set up a training diary, please see your coach.

Session Changes

If you would like to change, add, or reduce your training sessions, please contact Hannah on